Friday, September 12, 2014

Love-Love: New Identity

T E N N I S ,  A N Y O N E  ?

After creating a successful marketing package / spiral-bound book for our friend Ron Zambrano at Fremont Tennis Center, we are now rebranding the center. 

A classic sans serif
Because typography is so important in identity, we take great care in selecting exactly the right type family for each project. Emilie chose Frutiger — modern, readable in large and small sizes, and available in a range of weights. 

Frutiger was designed for the wayfinding program in the Charles De Gaulle Airport in 1968 by Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger. It was issued for small-scale (print) use in 1977, and has been a favorite of designers worldwide for publications and corporate communications. Frutiger has beauty and grace, just like a good tennis match.

Engaging article about "Neue Frutiger," the updated version of Frutiger:

The story of Frutiger and type samples:

Related design projects
Additional projects for Fremont Tennis Center are in the works — new website, social media artwork, advertising banners and printed marketing materials. All will feature the new corporate identity and recognizable look. 

Why Emilie Pallos Graphic Design? 
• Timeless, professional work for clients in a range of industries
• Beautiful, effective website design
• Award-winning print design (corporate communications, identity, annual reports)

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Good design is good business

Business card

Millie, Fremont Tennis Center's mascot
(She will be making an appearance in the marketing campaign!)

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