Friday, December 21, 2012

Dogs Beware: Cats are King at Cartier

Yesterday we took a late afternoon stroll through Beverly Hills to see the environmental graphics —signage, window displays and retail storefronts. It's always fun to walk the busy streets, camera in hand, checking out the latest shops and restaurants, and seeing a few friends along the way, too!

Beverly Hills signage doesn't "shout." Subtlety reigns (for the most part!). Classic Roman lettering, nice sans serifs, cool color schemes and perfectly-kerned script faces are popular. Luxe facades, interesting lighting effects and the relationship between exterior and interior design is all-important for success.

Here are some favorites featuring great design and typography (intersection of Rodeo Drive and Brighton Way):

Marble-clad Chanel commands center stage. Rodeo Drive's median is decorated in sparkling white lights.

Cartier features a feline motif in its store windows and on the building's roof.
Sweater-clad dogs are everywhere in town, but at Cartier, the Cat is King. 
Snell Roundhand is Cartier's signature typeface. Its perfectly spaced gold script letters
exude wealth and refinement. A classic choice for a classic store.
Bulgari store windows offer a mid-century modern architectural motif
offset with pops of orange color and signature Roman letters. 
Jeweler David Yurman has the most elegantly lighted exterior 
lettering we've seen in a long time. The effect is stunning.


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Happy Holidays to All!

Good design is good business.

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