Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's the takeaway? A good brochure

At presentations or events, we always appreciate a smartly designed, well-written printed program or brochure which contains reliable information about the subject. This is especially important in investment seminars — if trust isn't established, investors will go elsewhere.

The California-Pacific United Methodist Foundation has 75 years' experience advising churches and parishioners in investments and planned giving, but lacked a targeted brochure about its services and stewardship opportunities.

Enhancing the Marketing Mix
This new brochure folds to 4 x 9 inches, and fits easily in a #10 envelope, pocket or briefcase. And it's cost-effective to produce — less than $1.50 per piece for design and offset printing.

The brochure's color scheme, typography and content also coordinate with our website design for the Foundation: The botanical theme is eye-catching and fresh, in print and online. 

Foundation CEO Greg Batson makes dozens of investment presentations to church groups throughout the year. Many of the Foundation's investors are seniors. Rev. Batson now has a high-quality printed piece to support his presentations and for churches to display in literature racks.

"The brochures have arrived and they look great. Thank you for your fine design work."

Rev. Greg Batson, CEO
California-Pacific United Methodist Foundation

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Good design is good business.