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Los Angeles, California
January 21, 2017 

Last Saturday, in the wake of the 45th Presidential Inauguration, peaceful demonstrations were held around the world to speak out against Mr. Trump, and to highlight important issues for all Americans — equality, healthcare, religious freedom, immigration, the environment, education, and animal rights. The event was not "women-only." Thousands of men and kids also gathered and marched in solidarity.

From an art director/designer's perspective, walking among a sea of homemade signs and passionate believers was inspiring. Who needs a computer when you can go "old school" — poster board, Sharpie markers and stickers. Simple materials, strong messages. More than 500,000 people marched in L.A., or more accurately, strolled. There were too many people to actually "march."

What's the takeaway?
Make your voice heard. Please write or call your Congressperson and Senators about issues impacting you and your family. Send letters and e-mails to the White House and to Speaker Ryan. Do not sit on the sidelines and watch without participation. Be informed. Question. Spread the word. Our future as a democracy is at stake.



Links to Elected Officials
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

Representative Adam Schiff, 28th Congressional District, California

Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein, California

(If you live outside California or in another district, you can search for your Senators and Representative through the links above. Click 'Search' button in upper right corner of Congressional websites.)


The Women's March continues. 
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Aerial view of Pershing Square, Los Angeles

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Marine One
President Obama's visit to Glendale, California
November 23, 2013