Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandparents' 1940s Christmas Card

Great Aunt Elza sent along this vintage 1940s Christmas card recently. It is a superb example of vintage typography and bold design in a Russian Constructivist-inspired color scheme.

What a fun addition to Emilie's 1920s - 1950s graphic design collection!

Best of all, the card is from the archives of Emilie's grandparents, Elizabeth and Charles Pallos. Elizabeth was an accomplished pianist, organist and master gardener, and Charles was a noted musician/arranger, both on the East coast and in Hollywood.

Design during the 1940s was influenced by the Streamline Moderne style. In this holiday card, the piano is varnished to a glossy black (just like a concert grand), and the rest of the card is printed in solid matte silkscreen inks. You really have to see the card in person for the full impact! Ask Emilie.

Calligraphic-inspired typography ("Christmas Greetings") was really popular during this time. Here, hand-lettering jazzes up the minimalist design.


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  1. That's truly a great card. It seems there were designers as good as you back then! -- RB