Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Going for the Win with a Smashing Presentation

Custom-designed finished presentation books

Fast-track project
Our friend, tennis pro Ron Zambrano, asked us on Aug. 19, 2014, to help with a creative project on a tight deadline. The proposal (eight copies of 58-page bound books) was due Aug. 29, 2014. The book needed to be written and designed, feature pages in black and white and in color, and conform to the rigorous City of Glendale Request for Proposal format. 

A new five-year City contract was going out to bid and Ron wanted to make the best presentation possible to retain management of the Center. Other prominent tennis management firms and pros were also bidding on the contract. 

Our experienced creative team of art director/designer and copywriter/editor/photographer began work right away. It took many hours to compile the "ingredients" — letters of recommendation, references, background information, qualifications, financial materials and analysis, and 15+ pages of exhibits/visuals. A new marketing and advertising plan needed to be planned and written for two locations covering 12 courts. And the design needed to be "smashing!"

Ron has been head tennis professional and manager at Fremont for the past 14 years. We've created flyers and posters for special events and Emilie plays tennis there every week, so we know the game and subject really well!

Professional Design & Presentation
After the pages were designed, edited, proofread, and then proofread and edited again, we were ready to go to print. We partnered with Monique Poon and her team at Minuteman Press in Glendale to produce the spiral-bound books. Minuteman did an amazing job completing work in record time to meet our deadline. Thank you, Monique!

Our Expertise
EPGD has designed successful projects for clients for more than 16 years — for those in the arts, healthcare, and businesses large and small. Contact Emilie at to talk about your creative project, rush or not-so-rush.

Good design is good business.

Cover and interior page spread
Books in production
USPTA professional Ron Zambrano
instructing a student at Fremont Tennis Center
Photo by Vic Pallos
Tennis under the lights — Photo by Vic Pallos

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