Thursday, January 24, 2013

An inspired tribute to America

"...the unexpected song bird on your clothes line..."

Today's entry is not specifically about art or design, but it's certainly creative, and an inspired tribute to America by poet Richard Blanco.

In our design firm, we appreciate  G R E A T   W O R D S  just as much as great artwork.

And we have the talented creative staff to create both. Please give us a call for your next project.

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January 21, 2013: Inaugural Poem "One Today"

Friday, January 11, 2013

Roses are red...and gold, pink and orange!

Ingredients for the Glendale float  - seeds and crushed flowers in a range of vibrant colors.

R O S E S ,  S E E D S ,  B A R K . . .
Last month we viewed eight Rose floats during the last few days of floral decoration. Hundreds of varieties of flowers, grasses, seeds, bark, and other plants are used on each float, and the end result is exquisite! 

These floats are true works of art — congratulations to our fellow artists and designers and the thousands of dedicated volunteers for another terrific parade. Thank you to our friends at Phoenix Decorating and Glendale Adventist Medical Center for a sneak peak.


At Emilie Pallos Graphic Design, we haven't designed a Rose Float yet (someday!), but we DO help clients in all professions with marketing and creative design projects for business.

H O W   A B O U T . . .
• A new company  L O G O —a unique, modern, yet classic look, which tells your story.
• An updated  W E B S I T E — new design, photos and text creates a successful online presence for 2013 and beyond.

• A new  B R O C H U R E  about your company (never underestimate the power of a great printed piece — it drives sales, enhances credibility and looks great on your reception desk).

A dynamic, interesting brochure will set you ABOVE your competition. Our firm specializes in high-end print design work — it's how we began in this great profession 20 years ago.

And let's not forget...
Some new, eye-catching  B U S I N E S S   C A R D S.  Still the best (and most cost-effective) "little brochure" about your company or service!


Let's talk! Please contact Emilie at 818 242-9055 for a free consultation. Or send a note to 

View our designs here:

Good design is good business.

P H O T O    G A L L E R Y
Photos by Emilie Pallos and Vic Pallos

Carefully prepared flats of trimmed roses, gerberas and other stunning flowers.

Bunny on Nurses' Float: A Healing Place (Craftsman Award),
is completely covered in tufts of real cotton. 

Soft and huggable was the theme on the Nurses' Float, which featured a menagerie of cute animals.

Peep's favorite! (Nurses' Float)

Ready to fly! We watched the decorator apply "feathers" one by one (Pampas grass).

City of Los Angeles float "before" the flowers were added to the front.

And "after." Flowers always add vibrancy and dimension!

Lions' Club float featured well-known architecture — from Big Ben to the Sydney Opera House.
The Alamo looked small on this float...just like the REAL thing!  ;)