Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sports-themed website for well-known medical practice

We recently oversaw the launch of a comprehensive new website for Joubert Physical Therapy, one of the best PT practices in Southern California. This Beverly Hills-based clinic, run by former professional figure skater Karen Joubert, is well-known for top-notch rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques. Professional athletes, Hollywood A-listers and "regular people" are all patients here.

Emilie met Karen in 2004 when Emilie re-injured her left knee. Karen and her team helped with manual therapy, strengthening exercises and mat Pilates techniques. You never know when we'll meet a new client!

In 2007 Karen asked our firm to design her practice's corporate identity, collateral materials and website. And in 2011 Karen called on us again to help with new marketing materials and a fresh new website for her 20-year-old medical practice.

Take a look at the new information-rich site:

Emilie handled all creative direction/design, and oversaw copywriting and expert local web programming. She also directed new location photos, which feature real patients.

Designing this website was a fun challenge! Karen appreciated our firsthand experience as PT patients for this project. Our contemporary, bright design, in an easy-to-navigate format was a great fit for this sports-minded clinic. Next up is helping with social network integration and marketing the new site to future patients and referring doctors.

We think Karen says it best:

"What do I say!? THE WEBSITE IS AWESOME!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have already given your name to 2 people. There are a few things we will add over the next few weeks, my pro athletes want a page, etc. and I need to get going with social media, but MAN did it come out nice."

Thanks, Karen!

Good design is good business.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The Artist": This Best Picture is stylish in black and white

Emilie, typical of most art director/designers, loves all things different. So "The Artist" was a must-see, especially on the big screen. Just think, a silent film for 2012, beautifully realized by a French team and shot in L.A.... Amazing.

The detail in this film is exquisite, with late 1920s-era interior design, Spanish architecture, gorgeous costumes, and recognizable location photography around town.

The Bradbury Building is featured, and the concrete residential streets of Hollywood are largely unchanged today. And Variety still uses the same type / nameplate as it did in the 1920s.


The French actors didn't have to worry about about dialogue, because this isn't a "talkie." Title cards kept the action moving.

We always tell our own clients "Don't change what works." For instance, if your company has a logo that is well-designed and timeless, keep it. Maybe all it needs is a fresh new color scheme. Or different typography. A good designer will make cost-effective recommendations within your budget. Of course, if you need or prefer a brand new look, we'd be happy to help.

"The Artist" has charm, style and substance. Uggie the terrier is priceless, and nearly steals the show. Too bad they don't award an Oscar for Best Dog!

What's that word again? Classic?

Classic — just like our own style.

Good design is good business.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Website design in full swing!

In our studio this March, we are hard at work on several projects.

Today we oversaw the launch of our musician friend/client Raymond Burkhart's new website. This comprehensive site features beautiful music clips, original photos, informative text, and an online store offering Ray's sheet music and audio recordings.

Emilie was the creative director for the project and shot many of the photos. Vic Pallos (Emilie's PR/journalist/photographer dad) took superb fine art photos of Ray's collection of brass instruments, and Tom Ferguson provided expert local web programming.

We are happy with the clean, modern design of the site, and the ease of navigation. Emilie also designed Ray's new "musical staff" corporate identity, which is featured prominently.

Please take a look:

Classical music has always been an interest of ours. Emilie grew up in a house filled with music and art. She wasn't very good at playing music, and eventually became a professional art director/designer, but loves to listen and attend performances (opera, Baroque music, and even the big Romantic stuff like Mahler. Well, maybe not Mahler so much! At least not ALL the time...).

So creating a site for a supremely talented L.A.-based classical musician sounded like a fun project! Because of our passion for music, Ray thought Emilie Pallos Graphic Design was the perfect choice for designing his new site.

Thank you, Ray, for your trust in our design firm. We hope your site is a great success worldwide!

More to come on our other creative projects soon!