Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas with Mom

Mom (business partner) Barbara was a funny lady. She was quick to add a touch of subtle, droll humor to any situation. Mom truly had a "sparkle." And she could always poke fun at herself, too. Smiles and laughter were ever-present!

As some of you know, Barb passed away in late 2010 after a valiant struggle with brain cancer. The holidays are "family time," and although she is no longer with us on earth, she will always be in our hearts.

In 2010, my dad and I established the Barbara Pallos Brain Tumor Research Fund at USC, and our friends and clients will be pleased to learn that Barb's research team at the Keck School of Medicine, led by neurosurgeon/oncologist Dr. Tom Chen, made some important discoveries during 2012.

These findings could lead to less-invasive treatments for brain cancer or even a vaccine in the future. What a blessing for patients and families. This is a notoriously difficult cancer to treat, and many patients survive less a year after diagnosis.

* * * * *

We are so grateful for your monetary support of this vital research. You may continue to access Barb's fund through this link:

Your gifts will be used solely for brain cancer/stem cell research by Dr. Chen's team. Thank you. :)

A Promise of Heaven
As we celebrate the holidays this year, we are blessed to have such wonderful memories of Mom and the love we shared for 40 years.

One of Barb's favorite hymns was "Once in Royal David's City," which always opens the Christmas Eve service at King's College, Cambridge. She loved this choir and this church service, which we enjoyed together on the radio for more than 20 years. Here are the last two verses of this beautiful hymn, which tells the story of Christ and a promise of Heaven:

"...And our eyes at last shall see Him,
Through His own redeeming love,
For that Child so dear and gentle
Is our Lord in Heav’n above,
And He leads His children on
To the place where He is gone.

Not in that poor lowly stable,
With the oxen standing by,
We shall see Him; but in Heaven,
Set at God’s right hand on high;
Where like stars His children crowned
All in white shall wait around."

Words: Cecil Frances Alexander, 1848; Music: Henry J. Gauntlett, 1849
From the English Hymnal

* * * * *

A Joyous Holiday Season to All!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dogs Beware: Cats are King at Cartier

Yesterday we took a late afternoon stroll through Beverly Hills to see the environmental graphics —signage, window displays and retail storefronts. It's always fun to walk the busy streets, camera in hand, checking out the latest shops and restaurants, and seeing a few friends along the way, too!

Beverly Hills signage doesn't "shout." Subtlety reigns (for the most part!). Classic Roman lettering, nice sans serifs, cool color schemes and perfectly-kerned script faces are popular. Luxe facades, interesting lighting effects and the relationship between exterior and interior design is all-important for success.

Here are some favorites featuring great design and typography (intersection of Rodeo Drive and Brighton Way):

Marble-clad Chanel commands center stage. Rodeo Drive's median is decorated in sparkling white lights.

Cartier features a feline motif in its store windows and on the building's roof.
Sweater-clad dogs are everywhere in town, but at Cartier, the Cat is King. 
Snell Roundhand is Cartier's signature typeface. Its perfectly spaced gold script letters
exude wealth and refinement. A classic choice for a classic store.
Bulgari store windows offer a mid-century modern architectural motif
offset with pops of orange color and signature Roman letters. 
Jeweler David Yurman has the most elegantly lighted exterior 
lettering we've seen in a long time. The effect is stunning.


At our Glendale studio, we design for clients in various industries — from the arts to medical practices. Drop Emilie a line to talk about your projects — websites, corporate identity and signage, and high-quality marketing materials.

Happy Holidays to All!

Good design is good business.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blueprints and Business Strategies

Strategybiz Consulting Corporate Identity

Managing Principal Rhonda Frith-Lyons asked us to create the identity for her new company which helps businesses with growth strategies, strategic planning and turnaround.

Besides holding two Master's degrees, Rhonda was a successful architect on the East Coast during the 1980s and '90s. Her professional background gave us the idea to incorporate architectural imagery into the Strategybiz identity. We also helped streamline the company tagline: "Architect of Business Success." 

A steel blue, charcoal grey and black color scheme communicates an artistic, yet solidly corporate look. Typefaces are classic: Rotis (sans serif) and Adobe Garamond (serif). One of our strengths is the ability to use typography well, a skill we've practiced for 20 years.

I D E N T I T Y   H A S   A N   A R R A Y   O F   U S E S

The Strategybiz Consulting identity will be used on business cards, note cards and other corporate collateral, plus a new website and other online marketing materials.

Emilie is always excited to help a new business with an original brand. A professionally-designed identity is important for any company's launch, and is a smart investment.

Contact us today for an updated identity for your company — it's what we do!

Good design is good business.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Army of Pink: REAL Men Wear Pink!

Captain Carl Povilaitus and Emilie
To help raise awareness for breast cancer, Glendale Adventist Medical Center is hosting the Army of Pink campaign during October.

Please vote for our friend Captain Carl Povilaitus of the Glendale Police Dept. We think his message about "locking up cancer and throwing away the key" is the best of the six candidates.

Go to to watch Carl's video and to vote. 

We have a personal interest in this campaign: Emilie's mom Barbara was a two-time breast cancer survivor, first diagnosed at age 43. Our family was grateful for excellent medical care and treatment which enabled Barbara to recover.

Yes, this post is design-related. Pink is Emilie's favorite color!

Q&A: So where's the pink on Carl's uniform? On his badge!
. . . . . . . . .
Thanks for supporting Army of Pink!

BREAKING NEWS — Nov. 1, 2012
We are happy to report that Capt. Povilaitus was voted the winner in the 2012 Army of Pink campaign, and earned a spot riding on Glendale's 2013 Rose Parade float. 

Congratulations, Carl!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Business of Design: Meet & Greet

Our colorful displays attracted many Expo visitors. Emilie is happy to talk
about design and its role in the success of any business or organization (2012).

Each fall, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce hosts the Business Expo Showcase. We book space early, since this is a great way to meet new clients personally and display our design work.

Success Story
Commemorative sticker:
Marlene Oliphant Designs
Marlene Oliphant visited Emilie's booth at last year's Expo. Marlene is a talented interior designer with clients in Southern California and across the U.S. She asked us to update her firm's corporate identity/stationery system, and to design display advertising which ran in nearby country club directories. We also created a cool sticker celebrating her firm's 10th anniversary (shown here).

Brava, Marlene, and good luck in your next 10 years! We look forward to our next collaboration.

Long story short — Emilie ALWAYS meets interesting new clients at the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo!


Thanks to all who visited our booth this week at the 2012 Expo. It was exciting to meet so many people interested in art and design. As usual, Emilie connected with many interested visitors, some of whom talked about specific projects.

Websites and corporate identity are still at the top of most business owners' "must-do" lists, but a number of people inquired about print design, too. Emilie was happy to show samples and talk about how quality printed materials supplement a good website and other marketing efforts. A recognizable, consistent brand image is all-important.

We'll help your business in 2012 and beyond. Please contact Emilie at or call her at 818 242-9055 to talk about a new logo, website, or anything else that's "creative." 

In addition to full-service art direction and design, we offer copywriting, photography, illustration and professional web programming. Never "cookie-cutter" and always original. Since 1996. 

Good design is good business.

Emilie welcomes Glendale Unified School District Board Member Greg Krikorian to her booth (2012). 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great British Design, Part Two: London 2012

Big Ben is breathtaking in person (Emilie Pallos)
Downing Street in Winter (Emilie Pallos)

From Hunter Wellies to the classic red and white livery of a Virgin Atlantic 747-400, we love all things British. When the International Olympic Committee announced London would be hosting the 2012 Summer Games, one word came to mind. Brilliant!

London is a beautiful city, rich in history, and surprisingly modern, too. Friends always speak longingly of Paris and Rome. We love London.

And in this world capital, classic design is everywhere. From pubs to department stores, street signs to Parliament, good design is prominent in British life. Except maybe Piccadilly Circus, where the glittery "Vegas Effect" is in full force. Take a twilight stroll down Regent Street right before Christmas. Magical.

Some of our favorites: motorcars (Austin Healey, MG, Lotus and black taxis), architecture (Westminster Abbey and Cloisters, the British Museum, the Royal Parks), Sainsbury's supermarket (where food packaging is gorgeous) and even candy wrappers (Polo mints). All are great British design.

The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is a must-visit for everyone, especially designers. Best (and affordable) store in town for souvenirs: the Buckingham Palace Shop near the Queen's Gallery and Royal Mews.

At Emilie Pallos Graphic Design, our sense of design is classic, too. From websites to brochures and corporate identity, we help clients reach their perfect audience with the right words and imagery. Timeless, yet modern. For 2012 and beyond.

Contact Emilie today for a free consultation about your creative project at

Good design is good business.

A few items from our collection: English literature by E.M. Forster, a model plane, Hunter boots and flags

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wimbledon: Great British Design

1933 poster designed by Frederick Charles Herrick
1931 poster designed by Herry Perry
Even though we live on the West Coast of America, we always enjoy a healthy dose of English tradition every summer in our design office.

The elegantly clad players and umpires, the grass courts, the Royal Box: Wimbledon.

One can almost taste the strawberries and cream, scones, English tea, fish and chips, Pimm's, and Scottish smoked salmon.

First, a bit of history about the club and its famous tournament…

Wimbledon (the club) is located just south of London in the town of the same name. It began in 1869 as the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. In 1877, the first lawn tennis championship was held here, as was the lawn tennis event of the 1908 Olympic Games. The present site, on Church Road, was established in 1922. The 2012 Olympic Games will also be held at Wimbledon this summer.

Mowing the grass courts to perfection

• Horticulture
Yes, the grass is real (100% rye). Championships playing height is 8mm.

• Food
Strawberries and cream — nothing says "Wimbledon" better. The berries are Grade I from Kent and "of the highest quality." 8,615 punnets (baskets) containing a minimum of 10 berries are consumed daily by spectators. Cost is £2.50 each. Served with fresh cream, naturally.

• Design
White tennis balls were replaced with yellow ones beginning in 1986. 54,250 balls are used during the Championships each year.

The Royal Box seats 74, and is furnished with dark green Lloyd Loom wicker chairs. Ladies are asked to be "hat-free" so others may enjoy a clear view of the action. Lloyd Loom has an elegant website:

• Purple and Green Colour Scheme
This harmonious pairing of hues, which all designers recognize as a classic secondary colour combination, is a long-standing tradition at Wimbledon. Nobody knows for certain, but the regal purple is probably a nod to the British Monarchy and its support of the Championships, and the green signifies the grass courts. Of course!

• Fashion
"Tennis whites" for players are still the dress code at Wimbledon, although bits of color can be seen on clothes these days (piping, for example). White shoes, socks and hats are a must!

• Souvenirs
When stylish tennis-themed souvenirs are a must, this is the only shop you'll need. Reproductions of posters from the 1930s are especially stylish (see photos above). The Wimbledon Collection at the London Transport Museum:

• Architecture & Engineering
In 2009, the retractable roof debuted on Centre Court. The tensile, durable fabric has a 40% translucency, allowing light to reach the grass below, and is 100% recyclable.

• Broadcast
Global television audience estimated at 379 million people in 182 countries.

• Rufus the Hawk
A trained bird named Rufus visits the club most weeks during the year to deter local pigeons from roosting. Rufus flies for an hour beginning at 9 a.m. during the Championships, before the gates open.

We wouldn't want the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, in attendance today, to be subjected to pigeon droppings in the Royal Box. Especially since the ladies don't wear hats!

Good show, Rufus!


Always remember Emilie when you need help with marketing materials and graphic design, in print or online. She'll help reach your best demographic.

Visit our NEW site:

Good design is good business.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandparents' 1940s Christmas Card

Great Aunt Elza sent along this vintage 1940s Christmas card recently. It is a superb example of vintage typography and bold design in a Russian Constructivist-inspired color scheme.

What a fun addition to Emilie's 1920s - 1950s graphic design collection!

Best of all, the card is from the archives of Emilie's grandparents, Elizabeth and Charles Pallos. Elizabeth was an accomplished pianist, organist and master gardener, and Charles was a noted musician/arranger, both on the East coast and in Hollywood.

Design during the 1940s was influenced by the Streamline Moderne style. In this holiday card, the piano is varnished to a glossy black (just like a concert grand), and the rest of the card is printed in solid matte silkscreen inks. You really have to see the card in person for the full impact! Ask Emilie.

Calligraphic-inspired typography ("Christmas Greetings") was really popular during this time. Here, hand-lettering jazzes up the minimalist design.


Strong, modern design. Classic typography. A clear written message. Great photography.

At Emilie Pallos Graphic Design, these are our strengths. We collaborate with clients in many professions (from healthcare to the arts) and help them reach the perfect audience. Online and in print.

Visit our NEW website at to read more about our firm and see our newest creative projects.

Good design is good business.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dinner by Design

Art director/designers are creative in many ways. In Emilie's house on special occasions, guests will find a menu card at every place setting. Great typography is our specialty. Even at dinner!

Our favorite soup recipe is perfect all year, but it's especially nice on a chilly evening. Serve with a warm baguette and a green salad for a satisfying meal. And be sure to save room for dessert!

Butternut Squash Soup

Serves 4 - 6
Total prep time: About 50 minutes


1 medium-large peeled butternut squash
4 tablespoons margarine
1 medium white onion, finely sliced
3 cups vegetable stock
2 cups milk (Our favorite is Silk Original Soymilk in the red packaging)
Pinch of grated nutmeg
1 1/2 ounces spaghetti broken into small pieces
Salt and ground pepper

1. Chop the squash into 1 inch cubes
This is the most challenging part of the recipe. Squash is not exactly a soft vegetable, and that's why this soup is pricey in restaurants. Use your best chef's knife and be careful!

2. Heat the margarine in a large covered saucepan (5 qt. pot). Add the onion and cook over moderate heat until it softens, usually 6 - 8 minutes. Stir in the squash cubes and cook for 2 - 3 minutes more.

3. Add vegetable stock and cook until squash is soft, about 15 min. Remove from heat.

4. Process the soup in a blender or food processor. Return it to the pot. Stir in the milk and nutmeg. It's important to keep stirring so your soup stays smooth. No cheating! Put on some music, pull up a chair, and stir.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Bring the soup back to a boil.

5. Stir in the broken spaghetti pieces into soup. Just use a handful here. Cook until the pasta is done.

6. Ladle soup into bowls. Sprinkle with nutmeg and serve at once. Delicious.

7. Bask in compliments!

Just another creative idea from your boutique design firm. We hope you enjoy this recipe!
Good design is good business.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Glendale Noir

The rain is slashing outside. 
An unexpected storm has hit.
Thank goodness for the Hippievan!

And thank goodness for my friend Tim, who is so graciously allowing me to live and work in his classic ’70s VW van, rent-free. It’s a tight fit, with my computers, printers, client files, sketchbooks and art books tucked in all the corners.

But I’m managing just fine. There’s no space for a conference table, but it’s easy to walk to Starbucks on Pacific, and meet with clients there. They have no idea the Hippievan is my new home!

Now that the rainstorm has headed east, I’m getting some good vibes. Business is going to improve soon even though last year’s revenues were horrible, and I had to give up my fancy office.

But who needs an expensive designer loft when you can live perfectly well in a classic van, even without a bathroom? I am positive business will improve soon. Positive.*

.  .  .  .  .  .  . 

Just a fun reminder of the creative work by our office — engaging text, professional design…even offbeat stories and photos. Ask Emilie for help with a new website, logo, and marketing materials. Stylish, effective, and within your budget.

Call Emilie today: 818 242-9055 or visit our website:

See you next time!
Designer Bird

* April Fools’!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sports-themed website for well-known medical practice

We recently oversaw the launch of a comprehensive new website for Joubert Physical Therapy, one of the best PT practices in Southern California. This Beverly Hills-based clinic, run by former professional figure skater Karen Joubert, is well-known for top-notch rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques. Professional athletes, Hollywood A-listers and "regular people" are all patients here.

Emilie met Karen in 2004 when Emilie re-injured her left knee. Karen and her team helped with manual therapy, strengthening exercises and mat Pilates techniques. You never know when we'll meet a new client!

In 2007 Karen asked our firm to design her practice's corporate identity, collateral materials and website. And in 2011 Karen called on us again to help with new marketing materials and a fresh new website for her 20-year-old medical practice.

Take a look at the new information-rich site:

Emilie handled all creative direction/design, and oversaw copywriting and expert local web programming. She also directed new location photos, which feature real patients.

Designing this website was a fun challenge! Karen appreciated our firsthand experience as PT patients for this project. Our contemporary, bright design, in an easy-to-navigate format was a great fit for this sports-minded clinic. Next up is helping with social network integration and marketing the new site to future patients and referring doctors.

We think Karen says it best:

"What do I say!? THE WEBSITE IS AWESOME!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have already given your name to 2 people. There are a few things we will add over the next few weeks, my pro athletes want a page, etc. and I need to get going with social media, but MAN did it come out nice."

Thanks, Karen!

Good design is good business.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The Artist": This Best Picture is stylish in black and white

Emilie, typical of most art director/designers, loves all things different. So "The Artist" was a must-see, especially on the big screen. Just think, a silent film for 2012, beautifully realized by a French team and shot in L.A.... Amazing.

The detail in this film is exquisite, with late 1920s-era interior design, Spanish architecture, gorgeous costumes, and recognizable location photography around town.

The Bradbury Building is featured, and the concrete residential streets of Hollywood are largely unchanged today. And Variety still uses the same type / nameplate as it did in the 1920s.


The French actors didn't have to worry about about dialogue, because this isn't a "talkie." Title cards kept the action moving.

We always tell our own clients "Don't change what works." For instance, if your company has a logo that is well-designed and timeless, keep it. Maybe all it needs is a fresh new color scheme. Or different typography. A good designer will make cost-effective recommendations within your budget. Of course, if you need or prefer a brand new look, we'd be happy to help.

"The Artist" has charm, style and substance. Uggie the terrier is priceless, and nearly steals the show. Too bad they don't award an Oscar for Best Dog!

What's that word again? Classic?

Classic — just like our own style.

Good design is good business.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Website design in full swing!

In our studio this March, we are hard at work on several projects.

Today we oversaw the launch of our musician friend/client Raymond Burkhart's new website. This comprehensive site features beautiful music clips, original photos, informative text, and an online store offering Ray's sheet music and audio recordings.

Emilie was the creative director for the project and shot many of the photos. Vic Pallos (Emilie's PR/journalist/photographer dad) took superb fine art photos of Ray's collection of brass instruments, and Tom Ferguson provided expert local web programming.

We are happy with the clean, modern design of the site, and the ease of navigation. Emilie also designed Ray's new "musical staff" corporate identity, which is featured prominently.

Please take a look:

Classical music has always been an interest of ours. Emilie grew up in a house filled with music and art. She wasn't very good at playing music, and eventually became a professional art director/designer, but loves to listen and attend performances (opera, Baroque music, and even the big Romantic stuff like Mahler. Well, maybe not Mahler so much! At least not ALL the time...).

So creating a site for a supremely talented L.A.-based classical musician sounded like a fun project! Because of our passion for music, Ray thought Emilie Pallos Graphic Design was the perfect choice for designing his new site.

Thank you, Ray, for your trust in our design firm. We hope your site is a great success worldwide!

More to come on our other creative projects soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Great typography is always in style.

This photo of the entrance to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix illustrates the importance of nice signage. Great typography indicates style and substance, and even sets the mood. At the Biltmore, beautiful design is everywhere. And can withstand 115ΒΊ heat (yikes!).

The typeface is Ribbon, a beautiful sans-serif face used for decades on classic buildings. It is a timeless, modern design. Notice the beautiful letterspacing and bronze letters. Gorgeous. We've used it ourselves on client projects.

Look — there's a mockingbird sitting on top of the monument sign. Emilie took this photo, but Peep approves!

A professional designer knows how to use typography really well. At our design firm, classic typography is as important as keeping up with the latest marketing strategies via social networks.

Good design is good business.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cheep! Chirp! Hello!

My name is Peep and I live in the design studio. I have been surrounded with good taste since I was a fledgling.

Here's my story:

Emilie patiently hand-fed me formula until I was old enough to eat seed. I am grateful for her devotion and love. :)

Sometimes our friend Sandy comes over with her dog and hangs out in the studio. Sandy is really nice, and is like my second mom. I perch on Sandy's hand, but am a bit wary of the dog....

I spend most sitting on my window perch, having fun with my interactive toys, taking baths in my spa, and eating seed and fruit. Green grapes are my favorite!

Our design studio is located in the back garden. The skylight is so much fun. I can see the beautiful clouds, and the bright California sunshine makes me want to sing!

Question: What does a BIRD know about DESIGN?

Thank you for reading our blog. See you soon.

xoxo, Peep
Designer Bird