Friday, May 10, 2019

Print: A Must for Reaching Top Donors

Tactile & Effective: Print

Clients often ask “What if we put our publications / marketing materials / brochures / ads online and stopped doing print altogether?” 

Good question. Not always the best solution for every project. Yes, this could work if you are a restaurant targeting millennials in a trendy neighborhood. Instagram is king! No, if you are looking to attract well-heeled baby boomers and older patrons.

In our experience, the best return on investment is a campaign containing both digital and print components, designed together. Both means are effective in reaching target markets, even on limited budgets and timeframes.

Client: Adventist Health Glendale Foundation
For the past two years, our studio has designed and produced "The Difference," the printed donor magazine for Adventist Health Glendale Foundation, a top local hospital in the L.A. area. Donors receive this beautiful printed publication via US Mail which is also posted online in PDF format. Printing: Chromatic Lithographers, Glendale.

To attract and retain high-end donors, quality print is a must, and is expected. The publication has been successful in securing substantial donations, even in a saturated L.A. market. Cover and two spreads from the Spring/Summer 2019 issue are shown here. 

See the magazine for yourself. Send us a note and request a printed copy!

"The Difference" Spring/Summer 2019: The Guild

"The Difference" Spring/Summer 2019: Golf Classic

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