Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Sporting Life

Let's Play Tennis!

We play tennis year-round in L.A., but gorgeous spring weather is an extra incentive to hit the courts.

Our design office handles the advertising and event planning for RZ Tennis, a team of teaching pros at Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club in Glendale. The Racket Doctor, L.A.’s best tennis retail store (also a client), sponsors Demo Day, a fun event held each spring. This is our third year organizing Demo Day.

Event posters, postcards, e-blasts, and digital display ads feature a Roland Garros-inspired color scheme (our nod to the French Open, contested in late May).

Designs: 18 x 24 in. poster (top) and digital e-blast with web-safe fonts (below) for Demo Day 2017.

Art direction & design: Emilie Pallos
Location photography: Vic Pallos
E-blast development: Tom Ferguson

L O V E   P R I N T  —  L I V E  D I G I T A L
This Denver, Colorado tech company which markets professional design software is our studio’s choice for page layout. Quark offers superior project management in a familiar, intuitive interface. We have been using Quark full-time since 1993 — ease of use, superior typographic controls, and a solid, reliable working environment suit our creative team. Quark also offers seamless PDF workflow.

We use QuarkXPress 2016 for projects ranging from print display ads and marketing collateral, books, booklets, brochures, annual reports and posters to identity, environmental graphics and website design. Some projects are sketched or storyboarded in Quark before landing in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Talk to Emilie today about creating or upgrading ad campaigns for your business or organization. Send an e-mail or give our studio a call at (818) 242-9055. Visit our website here.

Professional, effective design solutions, in print and online. Designed in QuarkXPress.

Page layout software: Visit Quark's website.


Good design is good business.

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