Thursday, February 13, 2014

Memphis Bound!

Standing tall!

Once in awhile a special opportunity comes around. Yesterday, I had a chance to join a VIP tour of Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA. Although we visited other cool spots in the terminal and on the field including Million Air (ritzy corporate jets), and the Glendale/Burbank police air patrol helicopter unit, the highlight for me was "backstage" at the FedEx hangar, located west of the main passenger terminal.

When talking about logos and branding with our clients, I have long cited the FedEx identity as an example of one of the best ever created. Futura Bold typography, strong secondary color combination (orange and purple), and that cool "hidden" arrow — a classic. The FedEx logo was created by international design and branding firm Landor (yes, they do "land" some great projects...).

Here's Landor's case study on the FedEx branding:!/work/case-studies/fedex/

B O U T I Q U E   F I R M :  B I G   I D E A S 
If you count the number of humans at our L.A.-area studio, no, we're not as large as Landor, but our work is creative, original, and targeted. We think big. Give Emilie a call or send a message to to talk about your design and marketing projects, online and in print. Please visit our website at

Au Revoir!

Hangar 4 at Burbank Bob Hope Airport
Hangar interior
Loading area
Each aircraft is named after FedEx employees' children. Hello, Whitney!
This Airbus A-300 aircraft can be fully loaded in 45 minutes by the most efficient crew in the business.
Notice the perfectly placed white arrow in the logo? One of my favorites.
All aboard!
Dress accordingly… It might be chilly on board.
Metal rollers on the floor make loading and unloading cargo so much easier (but difficult to walk on).
Ladies in high heels, beware!

Cargo configuration diagrams posted inside the aircraft.
Parking space clearly marked in a cool stencil. Notice the "FedEx orange" tether.
Au Revoir!

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