Friday, February 10, 2012

Cheep! Chirp! Hello!

My name is Peep and I live in the design studio. I have been surrounded with good taste since I was a fledgling.

Here's my story:

Emilie patiently hand-fed me formula until I was old enough to eat seed. I am grateful for her devotion and love. :)

Sometimes our friend Sandy comes over with her dog and hangs out in the studio. Sandy is really nice, and is like my second mom. I perch on Sandy's hand, but am a bit wary of the dog....

I spend most sitting on my window perch, having fun with my interactive toys, taking baths in my spa, and eating seed and fruit. Green grapes are my favorite!

Our design studio is located in the back garden. The skylight is so much fun. I can see the beautiful clouds, and the bright California sunshine makes me want to sing!

Question: What does a BIRD know about DESIGN?

Thank you for reading our blog. See you soon.

xoxo, Peep
Designer Bird

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  1. The bird I know knows all about design!