Friday, February 24, 2012

Great typography is always in style.

This photo of the entrance to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix illustrates the importance of nice signage. Great typography indicates style and substance, and even sets the mood. At the Biltmore, beautiful design is everywhere. And can withstand 115º heat (yikes!).

The typeface is Ribbon, a beautiful sans-serif face used for decades on classic buildings. It is a timeless, modern design. Notice the beautiful letterspacing and bronze letters. Gorgeous. We've used it ourselves on client projects.

Look — there's a mockingbird sitting on top of the monument sign. Emilie took this photo, but Peep approves!

A professional designer knows how to use typography really well. At our design firm, classic typography is as important as keeping up with the latest marketing strategies via social networks.

Good design is good business.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cheep! Chirp! Hello!

My name is Peep and I live in Emilie's design studio. I have been surrounded with good design since I was a fledgling.

Here's my story:

Emilie (Mom) patiently hand-fed me formula for many weeks until I was old enough to eat seed. I am forever grateful for her devotion, so I sit on her shoulder and sing every day to show my affection.

Sometimes Mom's friend Sandy comes over with her dog Daisy and hangs out in the studio. Sandy is really nice, and is like my second mom! I perch on Sandy's hand, but am a bit wary of that large dog....

I spend most days working out (flying around the studio), sitting on my window branch, taking baths in my warm-water spa, and munching on a premium new fruit blend Mom bought for me recently. The green grape nuggets are my favorite!

Our design studio is located off the back garden — the stucco is even painted bright yellow. The interior skylight is my favorite. I can see the beautiful clouds, and the bright California sunshine makes me want to sing!

Question: What does a BIRD know about DESIGN?
Answer: PLENTY.

See you next time!

Love, Peep
Designer Bird