Saturday, November 26, 2016

British bird sanctuary

Abbotsbury, England

Abbotsbury Swannery
October 2016
Photos by Emilie Pallos

Abbotsbury Swannery is a sanctuary for 901 mute swans. This is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. Read more here:

The boss

We’ve all had a boss like this!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Le déjeuner sur l'herbe

Edouard Manet
Le déjeuner sur l'herbe 

"The Luncheon on the Grass"
I studied this work in college and have always liked it, despite the woman's nudity and the men being fully clothed, which seemed quite sexist to me at the time! Classicism was big in the 19th century, so Manet gets my benefit of the doubt since this work is so beautiful. The Courtauld owns this smaller version of the same work on view at Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

What a stunning canvas, with all four figures in a "triangular" composition and strong use of color. The lady's gaze hints at boredom: What is she thinking?... One man is gesturing, the other pretends to be interested... Rather amusing.

The Courtauld Gallery is a gem of a museum in London's Somerset House. See a nicely-curated collection including French Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and British art, select 20th century paintings, a few rooms of antiques and gorgeous 15th century Italian Renaissance icon paintings. Relax and enjoy the uncrowded galleries.

Have lunch or tea at the charming French bistro in adjacent courtyard. And bring your skates! Somerset House features an ice rink for the holidays.

Pastries, tea and coffee at Somerset House. Clementines, my favorite!


Matthew 7: 15-20, 24-29

This blog is usually about the creative arts — our world of design. But the 2016 U.S. Presidential election compels us to comment.

Human and civil rights, plus sustainability and environmental concerns, have been highly politicized in recent years. These issues are close to our hearts, and we shudder to think that more than 60 years of progress could be derailed by this new administration. I hope we can find unity and common ground, for the sake of our families, our children and the world. We must continue to be an engaged citizenry, and to make our voices heard. Pax.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lease Your Class A Office Space Here!

Behind the scenes of the Charles Dunn Team portrait. Glendale city skyline and Verdugo mountains in distance.

NOW LIVE — Our custom website for Charles Dunn Company Tri-Cities:

The northern L.A.-area branch office for the commercial real estate company did not have its own website, and had been using LoopNet for online advertising and leasing needs. With other commercial real estate offices headquartered in downtown Glendale, CDC Tri-Cities needed to better promote its expertise of this geographic area (Glendale/Burbank/Pasadena and nearby valleys).

Bill Boyd, Linda Lee and Scott Unger have unparalleled experience, and know the commercial real estate market inside out. But their office was "under the radar" without a dedicated website.

Emilie and Bill Boyd met late last year through another client. They talked about "old school" corporate graphic design and the importance of good advertising. She suggested developing a custom website for CDC Tri-Cities, with professional design, impactful photos, quality editorial, strong SEO, and a searchable database of the firm's current property listings.

Bill and his associates hired our team. A budget of $10,000 was set for creative work and site development. 

Location photography
The city of Glendale, located 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, has the most recognizable skyline of commercial buildings in the Tri-Cities area. Plus, you can see L.A. from Glendale, so a skyline photo taken from the Verdugo mountains was a must.

Thanks to Glendale Mayor Paula Devine and Art Devine for allowing us to use their home for location photography. Read blog entry “Waiting for the Perfect Shot” for photos.

Custom design for clients
Every company or individual in business benefits from a high-quality website, plus solid brand strategy and marketing materials. Websites and print communications are personally tailored for each client. Sites often contain WordPress functionality, so clients can maintain specific pages within sites themselves.

Our associate Tom Ferguson is a master web developer and SEO expert. He and Emilie work closely on all website projects to ensure smooth sailing from design through site launch.

Good design is good business.


Charles Dunn Tri-Cities / Verdugo Consulting, Inc.
Commercial Real Estate
Bill Boyd, Linda Lee, Scott Unger

Site Credits
Location photography, staff portraits & copywriting: Vic Pallos
Site development & SEO: Tom Ferguson
Art direction & website design: Emilie Pallos

Contact Emilie for brandling, marketing and advertising solutions for your company or organization. 

Glendale, California
Downtown Los Angeles in the distance and Griffith Park to the West
Photo by Vic Pallos

Linda Lee, Bill Boyd and Scott Unger
Charles Dunn Tri-Cities Team
Photo by Vic Pallos

Friday, November 4, 2016

Event branding for new medical series

GAMC CEO Kevin Roberts (right) with event presenters Marco Quadrelli, PhD, and Adrian Stoica, PhD

Client Irene Bourdon, President of Glendale Adventist Medical Center’s Healthcare Foundation, asked our firm to design a custom brand identity for an exclusive new event for donors. 

She gave us free reign to create a current, yet scientific look for this new medical series. "Work your magic!" she said. We were given an outline for an idea of what the event would include. Scheduled speakers were prominent scientists from NASA-JPL and JPL. This design project was a good challenge.

Our team began research, created many pencil drawings (we always sketch ideas before taking concepts to the computer), designed various type configurations and presented two solid concepts for client’s review.

Irene and her team were captivated by “the logo with the dots.”

Finished art
The mark, and its dot configuration, is inspired by cells, the basic building blocks of life. We paired the “monogram” artwork with beautiful typography, and incorporated the color blue for consistency with client's current branding. Typefaces are a Roman, Monotype Bembo, and a sans serif, Johnston Underground.

The inaugural event took place Nov. 4, 2016, at the historic Athenaeum on the campus of California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. 

Our New Frontiers brand was projected on large touch screens which set the tone for this prestigious event. Our studio also designed the event invitation (print project).

Custom event branding and print collateral design
Contact Emilie at We have great design ideas for all projects. Get in touch!

Good design is good business.

Research on cell structure

Invitation back and cover design

Invitation interior spread

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stargazing: Greenwich, England

Chapel, Old Royal Naval College

A nod to Britain's storied maritime history

NOTE: Click on any photo within this story to see a large-format slide show of all images.

London: Greenwich
Catch the Thames Clipper near Westminster Bridge and travel directly to Greenwich Pier. Despite its proximity to central London, Greenwich feels like a day in the country, with vast swaths of green lawns, trees and iconic architecture. Hike to the top of the hill and enjoy impressive views of the Park, Old Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum, the Queen's House, and Thames. 

At the Royal Observatory, visitors snap endless photos while straddling the western and eastern hemispheres. Watch out for selfie sticks! Inside Flamsteed House, antique-filled rooms and well-paced environmental graphics explain the history of time, navigation and astronomy. Founded in 1675 to help mariners find their way at sea using longitude, the Observatory now defines time and place for the world.

Best way to see Greenwich Park? Walk! The eighth Royal Park covers 180 acres, now in the midst of spectacular autumn foliage. The Park dates to Roman Britain, and has been enclosed since 1433.

The Old Royal Naval College is stately and impressive. Sir Christopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor designed the campus as a hospital for mariners, which opened in 1694. In 1873, the buildings were converted into a school. The campus is now home to the University of Greenwich and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. The Painted Hall and Chapel are well-known landmarks.

Our brilliant and witty friend David Thomas teaches voice at Trinity Laban. David is a classical bass singer (now retired from performing), who began his career as a chorister at St. Paul’s Cathedral before winning a place at King's College, Cambridge, as choral scholar. He has performed with top orchestras and conductors worldwide, and can be heard as soloist in an extensive discography of early music recordings, including this tour-de-force Handel recital conducted by Nicholas McGegan: Arias for Montagnana.

LISTEN: David Thomas sings Purcell with soprano Emma Kirkby HERE.

Future blog entries will showcase more British architecture, gardens, art exhibitions and galleries, plus the city of Dorchester, England, birthplace of novelist Thomas Hardy.

Design for Clients
Emilie Pallos Graphic Design produces websites, marketing collateral, annual reports, and corporate identities for clients in a range of professions. We have a strong team of creative pros with many years' experience in art direction/design, photography, writing, illustration, post-production and website coding. View projects: Contact Emilie:

Good design is good business. Since 1997.

Chapel interior

Greenwich Park, Queen's House, iconic spires and beyond

Observatory — red time ball drops at 1 p.m. every day
Observatory Gate 24-hour clock
First clock to show Greenwich Mean Time to the public (1852)
The Prime Meridian attracts visitors from around the globe

John Flamsteed, the first Astronomer Royal (1646-1719), who catalogued more than 3,000 stars
Catching up with David Thomas at Trafalgar, a Greenwich pub frequented by Charles Dickens

Saturday, July 30, 2016

New graphics for L.A. tennis store + demo day!

Graphics screenprinting: Arcadia Sign Company
Awnings: Pasadena Awning Co.
Art direction & design: Emilie Pallos Graphic Design

New Exterior Graphics and Color Scheme

Cascading tennis balls lure shoppers into L.A.'s largest tennis store!

The Racket Doctor, Inc., is located 10 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles in Atwater Village, just around the corner from stylish Silver Lake. The store stocks the newest racquets, string, clothing, shoes and equipment — a "candy store" for tennis players, and all other racquet sports, for more than 40 years.

We gave the exterior a hip new look to better match the neighborhood. Forest green and white color scheme — with touches of "tennis ball yellow" — jazz up the storefront on busy Glendale Boulevard.

Stop by for 'while-you-wait' stringing, and browse the vast inventory of gear and clothes for men, women and kids — Wilson, Nike, Adidas, Head, Babolat, Yonex, Fila, Prince — the list goes on and on. Helpful, tennis-playing staff offer superior service.

Store re-branding kicked off an advertising campaign which began with a new website in 2015: Our creative team also designs the print and online campaign for Demo Day, a popular event co-sponsored by The Racket Doctor, Inc., and RZ Tennis ( Event poster is shown below.

EPGD offers personal service and professional design to clients in a range of industries. Projects include corporate identity and brand strategy, websites, e-news and print communications. 

Get in touch with Emilie at (818) 242-9055 or send an e-mail to to discuss your creative project. Visit our website to see recent work:

Good design is good business!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thomas Hardy

British novelist Thomas Hardy was born on this day in 1840 in Dorset, England. This is a favorite "vintage" paperback from our personal collection, circa 1958.

Design inspiration comes from many sources — literature, the world around us, music, art. For help with advertising and design projects, in print and online, please contact Emilie at

Good design is good business.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day

Landing page for Healthcare Foundation's new Linear Accelerator Campaign

Irene Bourdon, President of the Healthcare Foundation at Glendale Adventist Medical Center, asked our firm to create a marketing campaign for the Linnear Accelerator project. She values our "real world" knowledge of healthcare, track record of successful projects, and our classic, modern design aesthetic. Earlier this year, we created business cards for ER staff which generated a lot of "buzz":

The Hospital Foundation and the Board of Directors are raising $2 million toward the purchase of a new Linear Accelerator, medical equipment used at the Cancer Center for radiation therapy. This machine will enable patients to stay closer to home, convenient when someone is undergoing five-day-per-week treatments for six weeks. New machine will replace the 12-year-old "Linn Acc." 

Part Two of the new fundraising website will launch soon. A "forum" will allow Board members to engage with each other as they raise funds through personal and business connections. The Linear Accelerator website features great information, resource materials and videos. Most of the site is "password-protected" for secure access. Site is "responsive" (adjusts to all screen sizes). Typefaces are Gill Sans and Helvetica.

Print campaign
We're designing a print campaign to supplement the website. Many donors prefer a printed brochure to read and also give to friends and colleagues.

View the new site here:
Creative Direction: Emilie Pallos
Website Development: Tom Ferguson

Mother's Day
On a personal note, my mom Barbara passed away from glioblastoma multiforme, the most serious form of brain cancer, in 2010. Barbara was treated at Glendale Adventist Medical Center and USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles. The staff at both hospitals were so compassionate during her many treatments, and our family is forever grateful. 


Good design is good business.

For thought-provoking advertising campaigns, corporate identity, websites and other creative projects, contact Emilie at (818) 242-9055 or send a note to High-quality, custom design work for clients in a range of professions, since 1996.

Please visit our website:

Emilie and Mom Barbara
Easter Sunday, 2009

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Waiting for the Perfect Shot

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."

Ansel Adams

We are inspired by great artists past and present. Legendary photographer Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984) was known for waiting many hours on location for the light and shadows to be perfect. His patience paid off. Mr. Adams left an incredible legacy of work. The Yosemite National Park series and winter scenes are breathtaking.

Our design firm is currently creating a custom website for Charles Dunn Company, Tri-Cities office. The Tri-Cities team — Bill Boyd, Linda Lee and Scott Unger — asked us to design and develop a compelling, bold and stylish new site for the Glendale-based commercial real estate office. CDC Tri-Cities' work in real estate is impressive, but their online presence was lacking. The new site will feature an overview of the firm in words and images, capabilities, team biographies and testimonials, plus current information and photos for all properties.

Home Page
For the "panorama" photos (above and below), our creative team did two photo shoots near the top of the Verdugo Mountains, in a location with a stunning view of the Glendale skyline and beyond. The towers of downtown Los Angeles are a beacon 10 miles to the south. Skyline photos by Vic Pallos. Creative direction by Emilie Pallos.

Thank you to Glendale City Councilmember Paula Devine and husband Art Devine for allowing us to shoot from their home for this project. They have a spectacular view!

See the Charles Dunn "Coming Soon" page here:

Full site will launch in late Spring, 2016. Stay tuned!


For creative website design and development, photography, illustration, marketing communications, annual reports, collateral materials and corporate identity, contact Emilie at (818) 242-9055 or send a note to Initial consultations are free.

See our work here:

Good design is good business. Since 1997.

Moon and Half Dome (1960)   Photo by Ansel Adams

Oak tree (1948)  Photo by Ansel Adams

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sleek, modern business cards for ER docs & staff

A few of the 32 different business cards produced for Emergency Dept. staff

Welcoming business cards for patients and families

Glendale Adventist Medical Center asked our studio to create a series of business cards for 32 members of the Emergency Department's medical staff. The cards feature hospital's official identity/brand, but offer a more personal touch. Cards feature individual portraits of each staff member, and are used as "welcome cards" to greet new patients and families in the department.

New staff portraits
Cards list name and contact info plus staff portraits shot on location. A 24-hour phone number is included for patients who may have questions after discharge. A valuable card!

Paper stock is substantial and high-quality. Printing is by Chromatic Lithographers, a Glendale, CA- based printing company and longtime collaborator of our firm. We always prefer to work with Southern California printing companies. This ensures best results for clients.

HP Indigo Press

HP Indigo Press
Cards were printed on an HP Indigo Press, one of the newest and best machines featuring digital printing technology. No offset press can match the color brightness and ink holdout at this price point. The staff photos really "pop."

Cost-effective printing
Clients will appreciate the substantial cost savings and faster turnaround time compared to offset printing.

Ask us to see these business cards at our next meeting. You will be impressed!

Client: Glendale Adventist Medical Center Emergency Physicians Group
Harlan Gibbs, MD
Serineh Melidonian, MD
Pao Chiu, MD
Ron Lieberman, MD

Art direction & design: Emilie Pallos
Staff portraits: Vic Pallos
Printing: Chromatic, Inc., Lithographers, Glendale, CA, Mike Sevigny, Vice President / Sales

Harlan Gibbs, MD
Beverly Cuano, PA-C

Contact Us
For more examples of work for clients in print and online, please visit our website at Call Emilie at (818) 242-9055 or send a note to to talk about your creative projects.

Good design is good business.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!


Our illustration of Peep, 'designer bird,' graces our holiday card. This little finch charmed her way into our hearts (and studio!), in 2011.

2015 in Review


This year we launched several new websites for clients, most recently Ask a Performer (, musician Jen Marotta's website and forum targeted to performing artists. This site personifies our clean, contemporary approach to design.

We also designed websites for RZ Tennis, The Racket Doctor, Inc. (L.A.'s largest tennis retail store), Tom Hooten, principal trumpet in the L.A. Philharmonic, and Bugle Memorial Honors. All can be viewed through links on our website (Projects section):

Print Projects

WIth more than 20 years' experience in corporate communications, we continue to design projects for print. Print is especially impactful for a high-end demographic. Early in 2015, we created the Annual Report for Glendale Adventist Medical Center. The photo-rich piece targeted to donors and medical professionals showcases achievements in various hospital departments. 

New branding for the 90th birthday celebration for Glendale's historic Alex Theatre features our illustration of the iconic neon spire. Don't miss the Alex90 street banners now flying on Brand Blvd. (photo below). For more on this project, please read the Case Study on our home page:


For professional design tailored to your business or organization, call Emilie at (818) 242-9055 or send a note to

• Marketing materials (brochures, stationery systems, reports) • Identities (logos) • Websites • Signage • Advertising campaigns

Good design is good business. Since 1997.

Banner design for Alex Theatre's 90th anniversary celebration

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Great Resource for Performing Artists

Classical musicians appreciate our classic sense of design.

It's always fun to collaborate with fellow artists. We enjoy listening to a lot of music — baroque and chamber music, opera, liturgical, new music, and big symphonic pieces. We understand the twists and turns of life as a performing artist, and enjoy working with creative people.

Jennifer Marotta

Jen is a talented professional musician and trumpet teacher in the L.A. area. She admired our website and print design work for L.A. Philharmonic principal trumpet Tom Hooten ( In fact, she is married to Tom! We are privileged to work with this dynamic duo, L.A.'s classical music power couple.

Jen is a very giving person who enjoys helping others. She had an idea for a new Forum website which she would moderate, and asked us to help with the creation and launch of this new site. Ask a Performer ( debuted in late November, 2015, and is geared toward those in the performing arts — instrumentalists, singers, dancers and actors. The site features true stories by artists who have "defied the odds." 

The Forum section is for posting questions and comments on popular topics common to performers. This section will grow as readers contribute helpful information. Jen is a savvy user of social media and has many contacts in the music world, and she is busy spreading the word about the new site to her friends and colleagues. We expect steady growth during the first year of this site.

Visual elements include stylish, modern artwork, complementary color scheme, clear, concise navigation, and easy-to-read pages. Photographer Vic Pallos shot the stunning new portraits of Jennifer at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The evolving city skyline adds a dramatic touch.

WordPress framework and Forum sections are in place; client Jennifer can add stories as needed and moderate the Forum easily. Our complete instructions make it straightforward for clients to edit WordPress sites once a design is established. This is a win-win for everyone.

Art direction and design: Emilie Pallos
Location photography: Vic Pallos
Site development: Tom Ferguson

Emilie and Jennifer at Walt Disney Concert Hall

"Awesome! All looks really great, you all are the best, I appreciate you helping as the project morphed a bit!" — Jennifer Marotta

This site incorporate the best of both worlds — custom website design, in a modern, editable format.

Our firm designs and develops custom websites, both fixed-width and responsive, and also creates template-based sites. The kind of site depends on client's budget, timeframe and needs.

As a full-service firm, we provide art direction, design, production, copywriting, photography and website development for clients. We also design other creative projects — high-quality print design/collateral materials, signage and corporate identity/logos.

Contact Emilie today to talk about reaching the right target with stylish new visuals, in print and online. Phone us at (818) 242-9055 or send an e-mail to

Take a look at our new website here: We have many examples of work for clients on view, and even more we can show you in person. Initial consultations are free.

Good design is good business!

Walt Disney Concert Hall — 1st St. and Grand Ave. in downtown Los Angeles
The Broad Art Museum recently opened across the street.