Monday, June 19, 2017

Sebastian Carter: Design Superhero

🇬🇧 Great British Design Inspiration
A visit with esteemed book and type designer Sebastian Carter
Cambridge, England • 27 May 2017

Sebastian Carter is internationally known as designer / proprietor of the Rampant Lions Press, one of the world's leading letterpress workshops. Sebastian's father Will Carter founded the Press while still a schoolboy in 1924. The press began as a full-time commercial enterprise in 1949 and produced exceptionally beautiful books on a range of subjects until 2008.

Sebastian, an alumnus of King's College, Cambridge, currently serves as editor of Parenthesis magazine, a twice-yearly publication from the Fine Press Book Association. More info on the magazine is here. Sebastian has written extensively on typography and type design, and his book "Twentieth Century Type Designers" is a must-have resource. We certainly share a love of letterforms!

Museum Quality
Rampant Lions Press titles feature fine typography and printing, luxe papers and expert finishing. The Press has an extraordinary library of work. I had the privilege to view some titles in person. All feature hand-set type, elegant, creative design and exquisite workmanship.

Please visit the company's website here for a list of fine art and literary titles still available for purchase.

Gracious, relaxed hospitality made our day extra special. Thank you, Penny and Sebastian for a truly memorable visit to Cambridge.


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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Sporting Life

Let's Play Tennis!

We play tennis year-round in L.A., but gorgeous spring weather is an extra incentive to hit the courts.

Our design office handles the advertising and event planning for RZ Tennis, a team of teaching pros at Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club in Glendale. The Racket Doctor, L.A.’s best tennis retail store (also a client), sponsors Demo Day, a fun event held each spring. This is our third year organizing Demo Day.

Event posters, postcards, e-blasts, and digital display ads feature a Roland Garros-inspired color scheme (our nod to the French Open, contested in late May).

Designs: 18 x 24 in. poster (top) and digital e-blast with web-safe fonts (below) for Demo Day 2017.

Art direction & design: Emilie Pallos
Location photography: Vic Pallos
E-blast development: Tom Ferguson

L O V E   P R I N T  —  L I V E  D I G I T A L
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We use QuarkXPress 2016 for projects ranging from print display ads and marketing collateral, books, booklets, brochures, annual reports and posters to identity, environmental graphics and website design. Some projects are sketched or storyboarded in Quark before landing in Illustrator or Photoshop.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

La Quinta

Located 130 miles east of Los Angeles, La Quinta Resort & Club is a classic destination for travelers seeking some R&R in the California desert. Winter and early spring are a perfect time to visit.

Stunning mountains provide memorable backdrop

Built in 1926, the hotel features lovely Spanish architecture and original design details. The entire property is immaculate, with world-class tennis and golf facilities, and lots of swimming pools (41!). 

An original Gladding, McBean tile fountain graces the La Quinta Spa’s courtyard near the Tennis Club. This fountain greeted guests for many years at the hotel's main entrance. Oscar-winning filmmaker Frank Capra made La Quinta his desert hideaway, as did many other A-list Hollywood stars of the Golden Age.

Nearby Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage are home to prime examples of mid-century modern residential and commercial architecture. It's always inspiring to see well-preserved architecture while traveling. 

So much to see and do at La Quinta. Looking forward to a return visit!

• Plan your own La Quinta holiday HERE.
• Gladding, McBean — buy classic tile and art pottery for your own casita HERE.


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NOTE: Click any photo to see slide show of images featured in this blog.

Original Gladding, McBean tile fountain (1926)

Elegant wrought iron gates near main swimming pool.

The Palm Grove

An original Casita (1926)

Fancy a drive?

Evening descends upon the desert.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winter in California

Ominously dark sky meets piercing sun. For three minutes!

A dramatic storm system enveloped the Verdugo Mountains yesterday afternoon, 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. I had just enough time to find my iPhone and take this photo before the light changed. A magnificent rainbow was spotted farther east by friends and family, but was not visible here.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Los Angeles, California
January 21, 2017 

Last Saturday, in the wake of the 45th Presidential Inauguration, peaceful demonstrations were held around the world to speak out against Mr. Trump, and to highlight important issues for all Americans — equality, healthcare, religious freedom, immigration, the environment, education, and animal rights. The event was not "women-only." Thousands of men and kids also gathered and marched in solidarity.

From an art director/designer's perspective, walking among a sea of homemade signs and passionate believers was inspiring. Who needs a computer when you can go "old school" — poster board, Sharpie markers and stickers. Simple materials, strong messages. More than 500,000 people marched in L.A., or more accurately, strolled. There were too many people to actually "march."

What's the takeaway?
Make your voice heard. Please write or call your Congressperson and Senators about issues impacting you and your family. Send letters and e-mails to the White House and to Speaker Ryan. Do not sit on the sidelines and watch without participation. Be informed. Question. Spread the word. Our future as a democracy is at stake.



Links to Elected Officials
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

Representative Adam Schiff, 28th Congressional District, California

Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein, California

(If you live outside California or in another district, you can search for your Senators and Representative through the links above. Click 'Search' button in upper right corner of Congressional websites.)


The Women's March continues. 
Click below to participate!


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Aerial view of Pershing Square, Los Angeles

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

English Autumn — Photo Tips for Travellers

Condensation forms inside the Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Richmond, England

[ Desktop and laptop viewing: Click on any photo for a slide show of 16 images ]

Welcome to the fourth blog in our UK 2016 series! Our creative team's October holiday included visits to museums, gardens, churches, historic buildings and parks. Great Britain, literally.

P H O T O   S U B J E C T S
Kew Gardens
The British Museum
St Bartholomew the Great 
Greenwich Park
St Paul's Cathedral
Courtauld Gallery
Chelsea Bridge
Abbotsbury, a village in Dorset on the southern English coast


E N G L I S H   A U T U M N
P H O T O   T I P S   F O R   T R A V E L L E R S


These are the principles of design. While not "set in stone," (we're artists, after all!), these key points are helpful when taking pictures:

• Look for interesting angles, details and color. 
• Crop as you shoot and frame your image.
• Notice texture — capture dimension effectively in a 2-D format.
• Find the light source, set up your shot, and think about what you wish to achieve.
• Use flash fill in portraits of people. Position subject close enough to camera so face is illuminated. 
• Consider converting a few color shots to black and white later. Nice for vintage architecture.
• Don’t just take endless photos. Focus your thoughts (and the camera!), and be discerning.
• Train yourself to see differently. 

Diffused Light
England is well-known for diffused light. Skies can be stormy and grey. Watch for the sun — light changes quickly, especially after a storm.

To see masterful depictions of England's diffused light, visit the JMW Turner collection of paintings at Tate Britain

Remember, the camera does not see exactly what the human eye sees… Take your time. Compose your shots. Be smart. And have fun!

The Rule of Thirds
Divide your photo into three equal sections and place your subject to one side for visual interest. A subject can be anything — a person, a classic building, a tree, a dog, a big red bus. You get the idea. Following the rule of thirds makes for more interesting photos.

I like to shoot verticals — towers, monuments (Big Ben, St Paul’s, Kew's 300-year-old trees). LOOK UP!

High resolution
Use any camera, but always take photos in high resolution for best quality and clarity.


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New photos from England
Photos by Emilie Pallos except where noted
October 2016

Chelsea Bridge

Battersea Park

Egyptian Bastet Cat, The British Museum

Here, kitty, kitty... Photo by Vic Pallos

Great Central Court, The British Museum

Interior staircase, Courtauld Gallery

Autumn color at Kew

Kew cobblestones

Maple tree, Kew. Photo by Vic Pallos

The Hive at Kew

Greenwich Park. Britain's seafaring history, remembered.

Abbotsbury, England

St Bartholomew the Great, an 11th century Norman church north of St Paul's Cathedral. The letter box is a bit newer, I think! Lovely patina and Roman letterforms.

IHS monogram: "Jesus" in Greek. St Bartholomew the Great, London.

Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece, St Paul's Cathedral.